Environmental Services

Bin Suhail International offers comprehensive waste collection, transport and safe disposal services as a cost effective alternative to traditional landfill disposal routes. We provide scheduled collections on a daily, weekly or on called off basis.
We provide waste collection and disposal service facilities for hazardous, difficult and special waste. If there is a requirement for skips in Asbestos (Fibrous and Cement Bonded), Plasterboard or any other dusty materials we can provide you with an enclosed skip to satisfy your needs.
Our team of trained professionals will advise you of the safest, most economical and environmental friendly disposal options.
We ensure all parties legal obligations are carried out in accordance with all applicable legislation.
We offer wide range of containers form 4 cubic meter upto 40 cubic meter, including site segregation for:

  • Paper
  • Cardbord
  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Plasterboard
  • Medical

We provide skip hire and special bin containers to satisfy customer waste requirements whether the skip placed outside your house or a roll on roll off bin for a new development.
We endeavour to deliver your Skip as quickly as possible and target a response within 24 hours of you placing an order. To prove we are unbeatable on our efficient service and to help our clients we have customer satisfaction which demonstrates that we really are the worlds fastest skip service providers.

Refuse Compactor for Domestic Waste Disposal

We pride ourselves on the quality of our customer service. With years of experience in the refuse collection and waste disposal industry, we deliver more than just a responsible, reliable and ethical service.
The waste disposal systems implemented by BSI offers complete transparency and we work hard to maintain an ethical approach to waste disposal.
From major fit-outs and renovations, to smaller commercial or domestic works, BSI has the ability, knowledge and experience to deal with all aspects of waste disposal.
At BSI we work alongside our customers, offering the best, most up to date advice and guidance on waste disposal management. Our work ethos has attracted first class clients, and we are currently the preferred waste contractors for major companies.
Regardless of the huge waste disposal requirement, BSI: can take care of it with Rear Loading refuse collection vehicle, with a full width, large capacity hopper. The hydraulically operated compaction system achieves compaction of 750 to 850 lbs per cu yd

Ground Capacitor

We help save your energy and money by providing ground compactors of various sizes!
BSI offers ground compactors as an extremely clean solution for shopping malls, food manufactures & heavy accomodation camps. Rental facilities are available on our full range of compactors at very competitive rates as per your requirement. We are proud to inform that 90 % of total number of  shopping malls and hypermarkets within Abu Dhabi is using our compactor services for waste management requirements.

Medical Waste Collection

Medical waste management in UAE is crucial as the practice of haphazardly dumping medical waste can pose serious threats and hazards to the health and safety of communities.
We have designed a custom made vehicle for the collection and disposal of medical waste from hospitals and clinics in Dubai and else where.
Drivers and helpers of the medical waste management service:

  • Are highly trained and equipped with personal protective equipment such as medical gloves, aprons, masks, uniforms, safety shoes, etc.
  • Adhere to safety and hygiene standards when collecting medical waste.

Known for our commitment to environmental issues, we also provide biodegradable bags for waste collection. Sharp boxes ideally used for disposable syringes, scissors as well as the standardized yellow coloured bags and waste bins are also supplied to customers upon request.

Additional Services

We provide different types of wheel bins with reference to our customers requirement. Mostly these bins are suitable for kitchen areas, store rooms, work areas, etc..

Hazardous Waste Collection
We work along with you to dispose the hazardous material in an environmentally responsible manner. We also help your business to minimize its risks and reduce its liabilities from fines, lawsuits, sanctions or other legal or regulatory actions that can result from improper hazardous waste disposal. In this regard you can trust our waste disposal services because we are collecting the hazardous waste only after receiving approval from Abu Dhabi Waste Management Center (CWM) upon our application against your nature and quantity of waste with reference to your MSDS and our sample analysis report.

We are Experts in Safety, Reliability and Compliance
We have experience with all kinds of waste. That’s how we can bring you the industry’s leading team in safety, reliability and technical sophistication. We do the work so it’s easier for you to stay compliant. While we recommend that you abide by your local jurisdiction’s procedures for hazardous waste, check out these resources to help you get started disposing of your hazardous materials.

Household Hazardous Waste Drop-Off Locations
There are lot of products that we use every day around us, such as batteries, household cleaners, cosmetics and medications, that need to be disposed of in a special way.  These items are classified as "household hazardous waste" (HHW), and should never be discarded in a sink, storm drain or in your household trash -- instead the items should be taken to a household hazardous waste collection center. Hypodermic needles, syringes, lancets or other sharp objects that might be used at home for certain medical conditions can be harmful too, if thrown in the trash -- safely dispose these objects by following instructions. We can't simply throw HHW away because if these items were buried in a landfill, they could potentially contaminate our groundwater with harmful ingredients.  The same goes for dumping them in the storm drains or sewers -- storm drains go directly to the ocean, leading to contamination of our coastal waters, and our sewer systems contain beneficial bacteria that treats our sewage, which some of the household wastes could kill.